30 June 2017

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! (I'm Yours)

So, this week has been filled with a lot of 'adult' decisions. I have had to fill in so many paper forms, online forms, you name it!

The biggest thing that happened though was that I received my contract (?!) for my job in September. Now that was a LOT of writing to read through, and a LOT of paper forms to fill out. It was very exciting yet scary, and it made it feel very real. I officially start rehearsals on 18th September in Ayr... Scotland! Then touring begins on 1st October and I'll be touring potentially until the 17th February, and a break for Christmas. Guess who's probably going to be on tour for her birthday and most of my friends birthdays? Yep, that's me. But hey, I'm not gonna complain, because (hopefully), I'll be doing something which I'm going to enjoy so much and I'll be with a great company who will make it all worthwhile. 

I'm really looking forward to this tour and it could lead to so many more exciting opportunities, so I'm ready to just throw myself in to the deep end and work really hard. What could be more fun than bringing theatre to little people who may have never seen a piece of theatre before? or to those that can't afford to experience great theatre? or even better, changing the minds of people who think theatre is stupid and can't be used to create social change. There are so many underlying messages in shows like this, and I'm so excited to start sharing them with the next generation.

I also paid £25 for a piece of paper telling me that I'm not a criminal. Turns out, I'm not! Go me. 10/10. I'm a good egg. 

Adult thing number 56453947 I achieved this week was registering as self-employed! There were so many words and terms I did not understand. I'm learning though... slowly. Ahh taxes, rebate, money, self-assessments! I'm getting there, I am, really. I've just gotta be confident and organised with it. That's going to be a blast! 

In other news, as I was writing this blog post, I received an email from the touring company that I auditioned for a week after my first one in London. They have asked me if I would like to join them on their Autumn/Winter tour. Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible for me to tour two shows at once! Though that would be an adventure just trying to pull that off. At least I know they liked me and what I showed them. I think I've found my calling in pantomime! Although I obviously can't accept this job, they have got my information now and maybe when I'm available after February, they could have an opportunity for me then. Who knows?! But right now, it's all about me just getting my face out there and showing people what I can do. 

What a time to be alive! 

Other than all these forms I'm having to fill out, I'm quite enjoying being in this real world. 

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