26 May 2017

...and so the adventure begins!

So. I've just completed my final year at University. Graduation is looming. I'm terrified. Though I'm mostly excited. As part of my coping process with everything changing in my life, I have decided to start a blog to document the joys of beginning a career as a self-employed professional actor.

Before I do that, I just want to reflect on what an amazing experience my university life has given me. Choosing to study at The University of Wales Trinity St David, was probably the best decision I've ever made. As cliché as this sounds, I truly did 'find myself' through this course, BA Acting. It has without a doubt solidified how much I want to go into the field of Acting. I have had so much experience over my three years with so many different types of acting, from Main House Theatre, to Site Specific Theatre, to Touring Theatre, to Absurd Theatre and Musical Performance, just to name a few. The biggest thing I've learnt from my time at University was the sense of fearlessness. I've learnt to let go and trust my instincts, allow myself to be creatively free and be willing to try new things and throw myself in the deep end, pushing myself physically, mentally and creatively.

I truly feel that this course has prepared me for what the real world will be like, and it's given me the confidence I need to find my place within this industry. It has not only given me the skills in performing, it has given me the skills to create content, direct plays, and even work behind the scenes, getting involved with numerous 'Get-In's' and 'Get Out's'. 

If there's one thing that Trinity has taught me the most, is that team work makes the dream work. I have felt like I belong here, and throughout my education I've not felt that way, until I came to Carmarthen. Trinity has become my second home, and I'm absolutely heartbroken to be leaving. I have made friends for life, in both the students and the staff. I will take them with me wherever I go. And I know, no matter how long it will be, Trinity will always be there to welcome me home. Yes, much like Hogwarts. I mean, it does kind of look like Hogwarts in places, right?!

Anyway, Trinity. All I have to say is, thank you. 

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